Nokia ¡°6700c¡± Internet Integrated Communication Plan 2009.9.25

Case background
In the summer of 2009, we got a task. Nokia 6700c comes into the market, full metal shell, the appearance design is the centerpiece. We want more people to know about it, understand it and like it.

Product features
Nokia 6700c: Sharing Steel
Product selling points: steel shell, streamlined and mirror surface design, 3G network.
Comunnication strategy:
Product: start with visual effects and actual applications such as the product material, design and functions, etc. share using experience and communicate product information.
Events: events to educate on minisite from the perspective of the audiences and share great videos so as to attract consumers to participate and enlarge audience group.

Internet integrated communication
Coordinate multi-channels such as Video, BBS and QQ group, etc. to have integrated communication.

Communication high lights
Creative video¡ª¡°the Optimus Prime calls¡±
Creative elaboration--
Nokia 6700c with full metal shell has inborn potential to transform. We need it to transform into an elegant robot to match the features of 6700c. Then we need it to draw attention of MJ fans, so we must infuse the soul of MJ. The moonwalk of MJ is the best way to show this, and we also pay our tribute to MJ through this way.

Execution effect
1.Video£¨the Optimus Prime calls£©¡ª¡ªRepasted for over 5000 times, over 10 million pageviews£»
2.BBS¡ª¡ªtotal clicks£º536,729£»
3.Blog¡ª¡ªtotal clicks£º49,825£»the exposure of blog template implanted has achieved 2.8 million.

Nokia 6700C Case production feature screenshot

Nokia 6700C Case design sketch

Video link£º
The Optimus Prime calls