China Unicom: Personal 3G service "The Romance of 3G" 2009.5.25

Case background
2009—the first year of 3G era, when China Mobile, China Unicome and China Telecom began operating 3G network. Unicom 3G has adopted the most widely-used, maturest technology with most terminals—WCDMA. The first stage of 3G personal sevice would be mobile internet popularization, including WAP and CDMA.
Popularization target
At the first stage of Unicom 3G personal sevice appearing in the market, enhance perception on Unicom 3G service and infiltrate into business group effectively.
Strategic plan
There are three systems in the country, but the ordinary people don’t know much about the details of 3G technology. Therefore, there are certain gaps between the information that manufacturers hope to send to the audience and the focus which the audience pay attention to. How to fill the gaps through our work would be the core issue we need to address. So we avail the story of the Three Kingdoms which we are familiar with to analyze the domestic competition of the three 3G operators, and have postioned the strategy as "The Romance of 3G" with experience-oriented communication so as to make it easier for the audience to accept and understand the advantages of WCDMA. We have adopted multi-ways to show the content in order to make it more interesting, such as TXT, cartoon and video, etc., in which the orginal cartoon itself has achieved very good result.
Communication strategy
Keep in pace with the world—Unicom 3G changes the life. Highlight how Unicom 3G changes the life by using world-wide influential power of WCDMA as the entry point. WCDMA adopted by the Unicom has advantages in application, maturity, terminals and development, so we would elaborate the objective truth from neutral perspective, and would not slander the competitors. We would have multi-dimensional communication combining hot topics, orginal stories and interactive discussions.
Content plan
 “Change your number or your cellphone?”—this is a tipping point, and we could guide the audiences to have active discussions on the convenience and contradictions that different 3G systems bring to the daily life. Then we could establish special zones at IT digital perpendicular media to encourage netizens to participate in the discussion about convenience of 3G service provided by China Unicom, China Mobile and China Telecom. In the meanwhile, add the fuel of BBS experiential communication and IT opinion leader blog to the fire. Attract netizens’ attention by interesting ways such as 3G (the Three Kingdoms) and Viral Video, etc.
Creative high lights
Communicating the tipping point—“Change your number or your cellphone?”: 3G era just began, and ordinary people still know little even nothing about 3G. So at this time, we must enter through the most real experience and realist issues to guide the attention of audiences. “Change your number or your cellphone?”is no doubt the best matching focus of attention.
Cartoon+ Viral Video. Direct explanation of IT technology is always boring, so we must combine interesting ways for communication. It could be difficult to show boring issues through intereting forms. The original “the Romance of 3G”created according to the Three Kingdoms, plus the original cartoon images have solved this problem in a fun way. The re-dubbed version of “3G Da Wan” has shown the advantages of Unicome 3G through scenes and talks which are familiar to the netizens.

Execution effect
The original cartoon itself has accumulated 25 digest/pinned at portal sites and perpendicular media, and has been recommended at the home page for many times. The original cartoon itself has got 2,328,056 page-views.

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