Ever Motion Annual Party of Tiger Year 2010.2.1

Holding the tail of the Year of Ox, Ever Motion has embraced the New year’s Party of the Tiger Year.

Before the Party, heads of the Account Dept., Media Dept., Planning Dept and other departments concluded the work of 2009 respectively. Among which, the Account Dept. and Media Dept. drew a satisfactory full stop for 2009 with concrete figures, while Director Liang of the Research Dept. described the development of this department through three simple and funny little stories. Lastly, colleagues no matter from business departments or supporting departments all express their expectation and resolution for Company’s business in 2010!   

After the work report, a great video of company introduction and video of everyone’s blessing of the Tiger Year were shown. In lots of applauses and cheers, CEO Shen talked about his own plan of 2010 for the company: with upgrading business, Ever Motion would build itself into “the internet brand management expert” in the Tiger Year so as to serve the clients better.
Excellent programs were presented at the Party, we have to say that Ever Motion is full of talents, our people are not only capable, but also creative!

“Nobody”, “TongFu Inn”, presented by the Research Dept. & HR Dept. & Finance Dept.

“Kungfu Football”, presented by the Planning Dept.



“Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf”, presented by Shanghai Office



“Little Tiger” of the Account Dept. : First Look before the Party


04  “Paopao asks for a marry”, presented by the Media Dept., this program took the Prize of Most Popular Program of the Party.



~Ever Motion Annual Party Spot Shot~


Colleagues from the Research Dept. were still working even at the site of the Party so as to provide the clients with timely data and daily report!