Ever Motion, Moving to New Home in Tiger Year 2010.2.1

In January, 2010, the first month of Tiger Year, Ever Motion head office in Beijing was moved to Floor 27th, Building C, Ocean International Center. There¡¯s saying goes like: How amibitious your dream is, how large your stage will be. I think it¡¯s pretty good vice versa: How large your stage is, how ambitious your dream will be. My colleague says that everything looks tiny looking from the window of 27F, but the dream looks bigger!


Orange Front Desk 


Big and bright office

As a cohesive enterprise, sometimes it is more like a big family. Family should have home feeling, prize competition for station decoration is about to begin!

¡°gleaming spring¡±

   Is this the Doraemon Squad? So that one in the middle should be the time machine!

Chief of Looks Association~in front of Rabbit¡¯s laptop, it¡¯s the world of optical zoom technology and image technology. Truth, you can never see too much!

After several years of business development and integration, Ever Motion has formed sophisticated internet word-of-mouth marketing service system, including two core business: Online social marketing, Internet information monitoring and research. We put ourselves in the role as ¡°Internet brand management expert¡±, and we are aimed at providing companies with integrated marketing strategies, helping them find out and study public opinion developments of consumers, and offering solutions to issues such as brand communication and public opinion crisis, etc.