Ever Motion attended ¡°2010 iResearch Annual Summit Beijing Conference¡± 2010.6.11

On April 22, 2010, the Fifth iResearch Annual Summit, which was sponsored by the iResearch Consulting Group, made a successful ending at the National Convention Center of Beijing. This summit was the fifth industry event held by iResearch. There were two arenas in the morning, new marketing and new economy; while five venues in the afternoon, New applications in internet, E-commerce development and win-win, the value of new media and marketing innovation, Challenges and changes of network advertising, Online advertising techniques and effects assessment. The conference was the biggest large-scale summit among previous ones and covered the most of industries. More than 1,500 people in the industry expressed their favorable comments to the conference.

As the special invited guest of the conference, Wang Yong, Director of planning of Ever Motion, attended the interactive discussion of sub-venue ¡°Challenges and changes of network advertising¡±, sharing and discussing with the industry fellow: how to implement innovative marketing of online advertising, new media marketing models, and what are the key elements to enhance the value of media solution.


Ever Motion @ iResearch Annual Summit

Sub-venue: Challenges and changes of network advertising